Dear Valued Customers,
Thank you very much for staying with us.
We have some important information for the customers who staying at our hotel.
The airport has recently announced to begin facility development construction.
The construction will be held throughout night time, as the airport will be operating throughout the day. The construction will be held at the hotel vicinity, which will involve noise. 
We anticipate it will most-likely be disturbing for the customers staying at our hotel.  Although the hotel will be operating during this time.
We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.
[Time of cessation]
5th June.2017 ~ 21st July.2017       From 11:00 to 00:00
Air Terminal Hotel Manager

Notice: Nighttime Locking of the Hotel Entrance/Exit

We warmly thank you for your regular and exceptional patronage.
Starting March/16/2016 (Wed), after the New Chitose Airport has closed, the hotel first floor
entrance/exit will be locked from 11:00 PM to 6:20 AM the following day.
We apologize to guests going through the hotel at night. Please call the hotel staff using the intercom.
We realize that this is an inconvenience, but we humbly beg your understanding and cooperation.

Notice of Escalator Removal

At this time, due to New Chitose Airport renovations, the hotel escalators have been removed.
To reach the New Chitose Airport arrival and departure lobby, please use the elevator or stairs.
We apologize for the great trouble and inconvenience.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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