Measures taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Dear customer

Thank you for using Air Terminal Hotel.

  From the perspective of ensuring the safety and security of customers and employees
regarding infectious diseases related to the new coronavirus.
Our hotel is taking measures to prevent infection.
Please check here for details.

  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Air Terminal Hotel



Dear customers
Thank you for using Air Terminal Hotel.

We will suspend offering breakfast buffet from March 4
as a measure to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

During this period, it will be served on the set menu.
The resumption of breakfast buffet is undecided.

Thank you for your understanding.


                                                                                                         Air Terminal Hotel



Thank you for choosing our hotel.
Now, we are taking actions below for all guest's and our employee's safety
Thank you for your understanding and corporation

1.We ready hand sanitizer in our hotel to prevent infectious diseases.
2.When we clean all guest rooms, we disinfect door knobs, faucets, desks, and remote controllers everyday.
3.All chairs, tables, menu boards in our restaurant are disinfected reguraly.
4.In order to every customer can get service safely, our employees may wear masks.

                                                                                                         Air Terminal Hotel


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